Big Beacon Hill Garage Sale

June 9, 2018!

Once again, your Beacon Hill Community Association will be holding the Big Beacon Hill Garage Sale, where you can sell your old stuff, find some bargains, and then take part in the City of Ottawa’s Giveaway Day. We’ll do the advertising for you, so sign up here.

Tell your friends and neighbours, we’ll put you on our BBHGS map!


What: Big Beacon Hill Garage Sale
When: Saturday, June 9, 2018
Where: Beacon Hill South and North
Register: Below!


4 thoughts on “Big Beacon Hill Garage Sale

  1. Just wondering if the BBHGS is being advertised anywhere. Will there be signs outside Beaacon Hill on major roads.?

    1. Hi THere,
      Yes, there’s online advertising, and all of our signs are at majow intersection into BH. (Montreal/Blair, Ogilvie/Blair, GSAC, Ogilvie/Montreal, Montreal/Shefford, CB)

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