Hi Jeff,

I hope this finds you well!
I’m the director of the Lotus Community Corner, a non-profit in the heart of Beacon Hill, and we have two announcements we’d like to have go in the next email newsletter and up on the website.

This is the community peace garden announcement:

This is the free youth barista program announcement:

Thank you kindly,

Shehnaz Karim
Lotus Community Corner

My daughter lost her iPod at the Robert Hopkins Fun Fair Saturday, May 27. It’s pink with a blue and white striped case with an owl on it. The iPod had an engraving on it “Brie Brie Sunshine”. If found, please contact:
Danny or Rola at 613-791-3007 or 613-371-7111.
This iPod is locked and has an iCloud account.
Thank you.