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Cost: $10 per household (up to 2 adults) / Year

There are a few ways to sign up as a member:

The easiest way is click this button and follow along to pay with PayPal:

Click the Paypal button Below!

Or, you can write a cheque for $10 (made payable to BHCA or Beacon Hill Community Association) and mail it with your name, address, phone number, email address, and number of people living at your residence to:

2012 Hollybrook cres.
Ottawa, ON K1J 7Y6

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  1. Peggy Campbell

    I will be sending a cheque for $10

  2. Anthony Smyth

    I am not sure if my membership is current. Please let me know and if it is not I will happily renew.

    Tony Smyth

  3. Nancy Westran

    I will bring my cheque with me to the All Candidates meeting – and thank you so much for organizing and informing us all about this opportunity.

  4. Coreen

    I don’t see where the length of a membership is mentioned. I know I signed up in the past, how do I know if my membership is current? If it has expired, why isn’t a renewal notice sent out?

    1. Jeff Kaluski

      a) It’s per year, b) it’s been added to our site, and c) thx for helping, I’m sure you’re not the only person wondering about the membership length.

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