Newsletter Advertising

We will publish our Newsletter advertising schema here. Please refer back here for the latest schedules, formats, and rates.

Newsletter Frequency:
We send out one newsletter a month.

Newsletter Timing/Scheduling:
We try to get the Newsletter out on the first Tuesday of the month.

Newsletter Format:
This month’s lead advertiser:
[Main/Lead Advertiser banner] Month Year
First Newsletter Article
This month’s local advertiser:
[Local Advertiser banner] Second Newsletter Article
Third Newsletter Article
Fourth …
Fun Stuff
First Fun/Funny Article/Image
SecondĀ Fun/Funny Article/Image
Third …
Consideration for this Newsletter provided in part by:
[All other advertisers] This Newsletter also sponsored in part by Councillor Tim Tierney
Councillor Tierney’s banner

Newsletter Advertising Rates:
[Main/Lead Advertiser banner] = $200/Issue (2 Issues in a row max.)
[Local Advertiser banner] = $100/Issue (1 Issue max.)
[All other advertisers] = $75/Issue (unlimited issues)

Open to:
[Main/Lead Advertiser banner] = Anyone
[Local Advertiser banner] = Reserved for businesses within/touching our borders
[All other advertisers] = Anyone

Technical details:
Banner Image File Formats = .jpg, .gif, .png
Image Dimension Maximums = 600px wide, 200px tall
URL = Must be provided if you want the image linked to your site


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