2019 Federal Election All Candidates Debate

Once again, your BHCA is hosting a debate in our riding. We have also partnered with Rothwell Heights Community Interest Group, and Pineview Community Association.

When: Oct 16, 2019
Debate starts: 7:00pm
Location: Colonel By Cafetorium (2381 Ogilvie Rd, Gloucester, ON K1J 7N4, Canada)

If you’d like to help:


There will also be a sign-up table at the debate.


(From Elections Canada list: https://www.elections.ca/Scripts/vis/candidates?L=e&ED=35078&EV=51&EV_TYPE=1&PC=k1j7y6&PROV=&PROVID=&MAPID=&QID=8&PAGEID=17&TPAGEID=&PD=&STAT_CODE_ID=-1)

  1. Joel Altman – Independent (accepted invitation)
  2. Joel Bernard – Conservative – Invited
  3. Paul Durst – PPC (accepted invitation)
  4. Mona Fortier (incumbent) – Liberal (accepted invitation)
  5. Christian Legeais – Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (accepted invitation)
  6. Daniel James McHugh – Independent – Attempting to contact
  7. Stéphanie Mercier – NDP (accepted invitation)
  8. Derek Miller – Parti Rhinocéros Party – (accepted invitation)
  9. Oriana Ngabirano – Green Party (accepted invitation)
  10. Michelle Paquette – Communist Party of Canada (change of status – not attending)

Submit your question(s) below:

** PLEASE NOTE ** We will stop taking questions at 11:59pm, Tuesday, October 15, 2019 (even if the form is still available)

2019 Federal All Candidates Debate

Below are the rules:

Doors open at 6:00pm for membership sign-up. Debate starts at 7:00pm.

Format of the meeting:

  • Welcome message and rules
  • Candidates – 90 seconds introductory speech each
  • Candidates – 5-6 pre-selected questions with 60 seconds per candidate each to respond.
  • Candidates – 30 second follow-up after each candidate has answered
  • Everyone must be respectful of everyone else

Pre-selected questions will be chosen from among the submitted questions from the form below, as well as others that the BHCA executive choose.

Longer form format/rules:

  1. Between 6:00pm and 7:00pm the doors will be open for membership sign-ups, and seating.
  2. Between 6:30 and 7pm names will be drawn for the speaking order for the questions. This will also be the seating order.
  3. At 7pm the candidates will sit down at the front.
  4. The president of the BHCA will introduce the event, the moderator and the time-keeper.
  5. Each candidate will be given 90 seconds to introduce themselves in the order from the draw
  6. The first question will be asked, and the candidates will answer in the order from the draw, within 60 seconds
  7. After all candidates have answered the first question, they will each be given 30 seconds, in the order from the draw, to rebut or reply
  8. The second question will be asked, and the candidates will answer in the order from the draw starting from the second person, within 60 seconds
  9. After all candidates have answered the second question, they will each be given 30 seconds, in the order from the draw starting from the second person, to rebut or reply
  10. It will continue this way until all the selected questions have been asked
  11. It will continue this way until 9:30pm (or 10:00pm if needed)
  12. Candidates will be given 60 seconds to give closing statements.
  13. No candidate will receive the questions ahead of the event.
  14. Questions are asked in the language in which they are received and/or may be translated to ensure bilingual representation of questions.
  15. Candidates may hand out literature (and campaign) inside the school, except inside the Cafetorium. We ask that no candidate campaign on the school grounds outside.
  16. No signs or banners are to be present in the Cafetorium.
  17. Audience members and the general public may not : campaign, hang or hold signs, hand out literature, yell, harass, protest loudly, on school grounds, inside the school, and especially during the debate. The BHCA reserves the right to eject, from the debate audience or from the lead-up to the debate, anyone it deems disruptive or contravening Elections rules and/or laws, or these rules, or for any reason.

* We sometimes need to update a few things on this page. We’ll email the candidates of any significant changes.