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Another thrilling Newsletter about your BHCA! View this email in your browser ( ** This month’s Lead Advertiser: ———————————————————— ** May 2015 ———————————————————— ** Clean Up the Capital ———————————————————— Join in on Saturday May 9th, 9am-1pm, at Ski Hill Park on Laverendrye Dr (Zellers Hill to Old-Schoolers) to help us keep our community clean and tidy! RAIN or SHINE so dress for all weather conditions. Hopefully just ‘Shine’. Participation includes opportunity to: * Make Neighbourhood shine * Collect Litter * Help clean up graffiti * Dispose Household Batteries Safely * Get credit for volunteer hours * Build Community connections * Share Coffee and Treats Questions? Call or email our super volunteer, Shannon Haggerty: 613-742-0109 or ( ** We’re Visiting You at Home! ———————————————————— We’ve begun knocking on your doors to tell everyone of the great things that your Beacon Hill Community Association does for you. The person at your door will have an ID badge with their photo, name, and instructions on verifying that they are from the BHCA. See below: ** Your BHCA and the Tree Ottawa Campaign ———————————————————— Because of the many benefits of trees, the Beacon Hill Community Association is supporting the Tree Ottawa Campaign ( . This campaign also provides a great opportunity for parents and schools to teach young people about community pride, trees and their care, and other skills related to map reading and using computers as an educational tool. Parents and teachers are therefore encouraged to seize this opportunity to help cultivate a knowledgeable and community oriented younger generation. Help the children to plant and adopt a tree. For its part, the BHCA will be going door-to-door to gain community support for the Tree Ottawa Campaign. The campaign stresses the three P’s of Protect, Plant and Promote. Trees provide shade that helps to keep houses cool in summer, which saves on air conditioning charges. They also increases property values by beautifying the neighbourhood. Property owners are therefore encouraged to plant trees strategically around their properties. Other ways that people can help with the Tree Ottawa Campaign are to join or donate to a tree-planting event. Making it a point to promote the Tree Ottawa Campaign when talking with others is another way to help. Also, if you know where trees might be obtained free, please let us know by email at ( . Contact your BHCA if you have any questions regarding Tree Ottawa: ( . DON’T FORGET – Whenever you dig, check ahead that you will not be digging into underground wires or gas lines. ** Ping Pong ———————————————————— Table tennis or ping pong, either works. And if you’re interested in playing, please take a moment to let us know by answering our latest poll. [CLICK HERE] ( . If there are enough people who show interest, we’ll put together a ping pong evening at a local community room. ** Big Beacon Hill Garage Sale ———————————————————— Once again your BHCA brings you the Big Beacon Hill Garage Sale. When: June 6th, 2015 Where: Beacon Hill, of course! No, really, where: There’s a continually growing list of homes on the BHCA site. [CLICK HERE] ( How do I sign up to add my address: [CLICK HERE] ( That weekend is also the City of Ottawa Giveaway Weekend, so anything that doesn’t sell, give it away! ** Call for School End-of-Year Events ———————————————————— If you are on a parent board at a local school, or know of an event that you think should be advertised in our next newsletter, please contact the BHCA asap. We’ll include it in our June newsletter. ** Celebrate Summer Fair 2015 ———————————————————— Councillor Tim Tierney is thrilled to announce our 5th annual Celebrate Summer event. This year will be bigger and better than ever, beginning Friday, June 19th with a Karaoke Contest and continuing all day and into the evening on Saturday, June 20th. Please join me for two FREE days of food and entertainment including; hot dogs, freezies, face painting, bouncy castles, sports demonstrations, dunk tank, magic shows, live band performances, and much more! Visit for more information ** Fireworks! and Picnic in the Park! ———————————————————— For those of you who’ve seen the BHCA Canada Day fireworks show, you know how awesome it is. A professional show five minutes from home. How family friendly is that?! Also, those of you who’ve attended our Picnic in the Park, you know how fun having so many families around can be, picnicking, listening to music, and getting to know your neighbours. Every event that your BHCA puts on costs time and/or money. The time cost is spent by our many wonderful volunteers (consider joining our volunteer corps for even just one event), but the stumbling block is almost always money. If you could, we’d appreciate a quick PayPal donation. Go to and click on the ‘Donate to the Fireworks Show’ button. Takes under a minute, you’ll probably get credit card rewards for it, and you’l be helping the entire community enjoy events such as our Canada Day fireworks show. P.S. Our show this year is set to be our biggest yet! Stay tuned for details! Canada Day 2014: ** LRT, Transitway work highlights of summer of construction ———————————————————— from After two years underground and behind the scenes, work on Ottawa’s light rail system will start to be front and centre during this summer’s construction season. The conversion of a large section of the Transitway in the east end between Hurdman and Blair stations to light rail is likely the biggest change commuters will notice this summer, according to city officials giving a technical briefing Thursday. But entrance work at downtown LRT stations is also set to begin, as is construction at four future LRT stations in the east end: Tremblay, St. Laurent, Cyrville and Blair. As LRT work ramps up, other work, such as the widening of Hwy. 417 to accommodate OC Transpo buses, is scheduled to wrap up this fall. Though people in Ottawa’s east end may disagree, this year’s summer of construction may end up being less painful than the daily grind commuters experienced over the last two years. read the rest: [CLICK HERE] ( ** The Copyright Notice Flood: What to Consider If You Receive a Copyright Infringement Notification ———————————————————— from Michael Geist: For the past few months, I’ve received daily emails from people who have been sent a copyright infringement notification as part of Canada’s notice-and-notice system. Most of the notifications come from CEG-TEK, a U.S.-based anti-piracy firm. Canadian Internet providers are now required by law to forward these notifications and CEG TEK has been taking advantage of a loophole in the system to include a settlement demand within the notification. Some of the recipients claim that the notification has been sent in error. Others say that they have received multiple notifications for a single download. In some cases, the recipient has clicked on the settlement demand link, while in others the person has called the company and revealed their identity. In virtually every case, they are looking for advice on what to do. My typical response… read the rest here: [CLICK HERE] ( ** Eco Corner ———————————————————— Three trees placed strategically around a single-family home can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50 percent. ** Fun Stuff ———————————————————— ** Shawn Achor’s 6 exercises for happiness ———————————————————— from “Scientifically, happiness is a choice,” Achor says. He explains that research has shown you can rewire your brain to make yourself happy by practising simple happiness exercises every day for three weeks. Texas-born Achor’s books include The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness. Achor says in just 21 days, the exercises can transform a pessimist into an optimist. Shawn Achor Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, says you can rewire your brain to make yourself happy by practising simple happiness exercises. (CBC) And within 30 days, those habits change the neuropathways of our brains and turn us into lifelong optimists. read the rest here: [CLICK HERE] ( Also, watch his great TED Talk here: [CLICK HERE] ( ** The Zombie Apocalypse ———————————————————— Have some ideas on how to plan for it? How about some ideas on what to do once it arrives? If so, let us know in the comments on the Zombie Apocalypse page of the BHCA! [CLICK HERE] ( Useless Button ( ** Consideration for this Newsletter provided in part by: ———————————————————— ** This Newsletter also sponsored in part by Councillor Tim Tierney ———————————————————— Facebook ( @BHCA_CA ( ( ============================================================ Copyright © 2015 Beacon Hill Community Association, All rights reserved. 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