FCA General Meeting – Wed. Sept. 10

Cc: Trouble viewing this email? Read it online The next General Meeting of the FCA [Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa] will be held Wednesday September 10 from 7:15pm at the Y’s Owl MacLure Cooperative Centre, 1400 Morrison Drive, Suite 100. This building is just west of Lee Valley Tools. Wednesday’s meeting will feature a panel discussion on the topic of “working effectively with elected officials”. Come with your questions about ward councils and other means of building a constructive relationship with your municipal Councillor or school board trustees. Each member association is invited to send two delegates to General Meetings. Observers are always welcome. The draft agenda for the meeting, complete with background explanation, is found at http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ/140910DA.pdf . Note that the background paper includes a quick survey on insurance. If convenient, you can complete the survey prior to the meeting. We are having some difficulty in posting the draft minutes of the previous General Meeting held on May 12. We hope to soon have the material available at http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ/140512DM.pdf . The FCA executive has met several times over the summer. You can find minutes of those meetings at http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ.html FCA-Federation of Citizens Associations 207 Bank Street, Suite 146 Ottawa ON K2P 2N2 This email is intended for president@bhca.ca. Update your preferences or Unsubscribe Delivered by [image: Campaigner] for FREE! Sign up now to start sending emails like this one today.

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