FCA General Meeting Wednesday November 5

Cc: Trouble viewing this email? Read it online The next General Meeting of the FCA [Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa] will take place Wednesday November 5 from 7:15 pm at the Rockcliffe Park Community Hall, 380 Springfield Road. Member associations are invited to send two delegates to general meetings. Observers are always welcome. 2. The draft agenda for the November 5 meeting is found at http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ/141105DA.pdf . Note that the guest speaker at the meeting will be Joanne Chianello, Ottawa Citizen columnist focusing on municipal affairs. Joanne will discuss the October 27 municipal election, its outcome, and implications for the new Council. 3. We hope soon to post draft minutes for the October 6 General Meeting at http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ/141006DM.pdf as well as draft minutes for the Executive Meeting of October 15 at http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ/141015EX.pdf . 4. We look forward to seeing you in Rockcliffe Park on Wednesday. FCA-Federation of Citizens’ Associations 207 Bank Street, Suite 146 Ottawa ON K2P 2N2 This email is intended for president@bhca.ca. Update your preferences or Unsubscribe Delivered by [image: Campaigner] for FREE! Sign up now to start sending emails like this one today.

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