The BHCA and the Tree Ottawa Campaign

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Because of the many benefits of trees, the Beacon Hill Community Association is supporting the Tree Ottawa CampaignThis campaign also provides a great opportunity for parents and schools to teach young people about community pride, trees and their care, and other skills related to map reading and using computers as an educational tool. Parents and teachers are therefore encouraged to seize this opportunity to help cultivate a knowledgeable and community oriented younger generation. Help the children to plant and adopt a tree.
It is estimated that Ottawa will lose as many as 20 million trees to the Emerald Ash Borer. To help address this problem, Tree Ottawa has set the goal of planting a million trees by 2017, the year of Canada’s 150th birthday.
For its part, the BHCA will be going door-to-door to gain community support for the Tree Ottawa Campaign. The campaign stresses the three P’s of Protect, Plant and Promote. The protection of trees is probably the most important. There is no point in planting trees if they are not going to be looked after. The average life of a tree in Ottawa is only 7 years. Young trees need people to care for them. On the Ecology Ottawa website, there is a page titled “Protecting Trees in Ottawa” where you can learn about adopting trees, adding your trees to the Great Ecology Ottawa Tree Map, threats to our trees and how to properly care for trees.
The city of Ottawa is partnering with Tree Ottawa and has committed to planting half a million trees by 2017. The Trees in Trust program is one way to accomplish this goal. If homeowners have room for a tree on the city portion of their front lawn, they are asked to request a tree through Trees in Trust. Homeowners can choose from a variety of trees and the city plants them free of charge. Once planted, it becomes the homeowner’s responsibility to care for the tree. The city also runs a commemorative tree program through which people can pay to have a tree planted for personal reasons. You can call the city at 311 to find out more about these programs.
Trees provide shade that helps to keep houses cool in summer, which saves on air conditioning charges. They also increases property values by beautifying the neighbourhood. Property owners are therefore encouraged to plant trees strategically around their properties. The property owners would be responsible for the cost of the trees and planting on land that is not part of the city frontage, but it is an investment that could be recuperated over time.
Other ways that people can help with the Tree Ottawa Campaign are to join or donate to a tree-planting event. Making it a point to promote the Tree Ottawa Campaign when talking with others is another way to help. Also, if you know where trees might be obtained free, please let us know by email at
DON’T FORGET – Whenever you dig, check ahead that you will not be digging into underground wires or gas lines.

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