2020 – the Dumpster Fire of a year!

We WILL be supervising the rinks this year, and non-contact hockey will be permitted!

We WILL be paying a $10 stipend for volunteers who supervise our rinks during the times marked out below.

We will NOT be opening the skate changing shacks for anyone. We don’t feel it is responsible of us to allow people to congregate in tiny spaces without any air circulation, nor do we want our volunteers to have to deal with anti-maskers, Covid deniers, nor any other form of bullying, harassment, intimidation, etc.


If you see someone doing something wrong in, on, or near a rink, please report it ASAP!

Eastvale Rink

Fairfield Rink

Jasmine Rink

Supervision / Shack Hours

Saturday – Sunday: 10-2, 2-6
Monday – Friday: 6-9

Do you wish to volunteer for Rink Supervision?